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It’s very common these days to be asked to produce a short bio or insert information about ourselves online - particularly groups, networks and for conferences.
And many of us just roll our eyes and think, ‘I’ll do it later’. 

I know it. I get it! And that’s why I do what I do.  

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3 Rookie Errors in Writing your LinkedIn profile/summary

1. You’re too professional. In other words, your LinkedIn summary is too wordy or dry.

2. You left your personality at the door. In person, it's highly likely that you're not just a savvy professional – you also have a particular passion or a number of hobbies. Do yourself a service and include this information in your LinkedIn summary.

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As I’ve got to know myself more over the years, I have come to realise what really works for my mind, body and soul. Through much trial and error, I have discovered the side effects to not starting my day right.

It’s such a simplistic concept, yet how often do you find yourself caught up in morning chaos?

Starting your day on a high note can hugely impact the quality of your day. Here are two actions that you can take to immediately transform the quality of your mental well-being, your physical health and your disposition toward life.

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